Dragana Stanimirović, sociologist by education, senior HR consultant who independently through her consulting agency My L, provides services in the field of HR. She started her career in the Ministry of Education, the company Aura, and built  her career in several other companies, and from 2010. she started working independently. She strives to support all clients in an empathetic, creative and practical way. He sees his purpose in business as personal support to people in the process of progress and development. She loves challenges, loves working with people, and exchanges positive energy. The search for personal balance is her vision and life path. He perceives his development as normal.


The most responsible role she has is the role of a mother, now already two students. A big animal lover, especially one dog. He likes to start the day with yoga and ride a bike through nature.

He knows all the processes in HR. The greatest expertise is in the field of employee engagement, independent testing and interviews, analysis of the existing HR structure and the establishment of a new HR function with all processes and activities, monitoring, as well as organizing training in communication and organization.


Goran Stanimirović

professor of physical education, was additionally educated through the field of marketing and sales and has certifications from an Austrian company with which he had a professional relationship for almost 9 years. He was in the position of system organizer and sales director. He is a certified Door International sales coach. Certified for financial consulting of modern forms of payment and blockchain technologies. He advised and participated in the function of supervisor in many international projectors. He loves everything that is new and innovative. Selling is his life! He is currently the owner of the My L Agency, the sales director of the “Kuda Ići” project and the director of the Agricultural Cooperative Ludlaj Dudulajce. Communication, sales, public speaking and presentation skills are his competence.

He loves nature and lives in synergy with it. He is a swimming instructor and a professional lifeguard, a ski instructor. In his youth, he was an athlete and engaged in gymnastics and athletics. He has serious knowledge in the field of beekeeping and bee venom production. Life motto “POWER IS IN NATURE!”